Hi, I am Bruno Paulino.
Software is my craft.


Bruno Paulino smiling

Hi There 👋,
Bruno Paulino here.

I am originally from Brazil and currently based in Vienna, Austria.
I am a passionate Software Engineer who loves crafting solutions that can help ease our lives and make it more fun.

I am mainly interested in Web development and programming languages these days. I have been writing web applications using Scala, Elixir, JavaScript and TypeScript.

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Work Experience

N26.com - The bank you’ll love

February 2021 • Present

As of February 2021, I've joined N26 as the Tech Lead of the Web Core team. Getting the chance to do banking in 2021 is really exciting, specially being one of the customers that have suffered for decades with crappy internet banking everywhere I go. N26 is doing an amazing job and being part of it is an incredible opportunity to grow and learn more and more.

On top, Myself and my team in London for the React Advanced conference. Below in Barcelona with some team members.

woombikes.com (Vienna, Austria)

April 2018 • January 2021

Working at woom was a joy and challenging at the same time. We deal with a large scale infrastructure that spams across many continents (EU, North America, Asia) and yet we are still a startup with a very small and efficient team. And c'mon! we make bikes for kids. How cool is it? isn't just cool, it's awesome!

On the technical side, I am writing high-scale, cloud-based applications using Scala and the Play framework for high concurrency and high availability for our very international and remote team. I am currently focused on rebuilding our whole international e-commerce experience from scratch using Typescript, GraphQL, Apollo and Vue.js with Nuxt.

Bruno placing a helmet on a little lady ready for an adventure on her bike

Card Vault - Your Card Wallet

Self-publishing iOS App

I wanted to keep all my cards in a safe place that I was sure nobody was tracking me or uploading my cards to any server. I decided to build my own solution.

Card Vault is the go-to app if you want to keep all your cards in a single place. You can scan them automatically. It is also saved safely protected with password, FaceID or TouchID.
You can download it on the App Store

Screenshots of the iOS app Card Vault

journiapp.com (Vienna, Austria)

September 2016 • April 2018

Actively working on our Scala backend, PostegreSQL database and frontend using functional programming. Using Scala as the main programming language in our backend and Javascript together with React.js in our frontend.

Also working with DevOps using SaltStack and TeamCity to automate our entire deployment process and servers management.

On the mobile side I have worked with iOS development, mainly using the Swift programming language and the iOS Cocoa Touch framework.

Bruno with Journi team posing for a team picture in a hourse riding school during a team retreat in Croatia

Embraer Private Jets (USA)

June 2015 • August 2015

Design and development of an internal Web app for Project Management and Internal Excellence Program (Embraer P3E) using Ruby on Rails.

Bruno inside a luxury aircraft with the Embraer team

Policia Militar da Paraíba (Brazil)

March 2009 • December 2016

Being part of the development team, we were given a challenging task to design and develop a resilient mobile application for the police officer on duty.

The project is still under development and currently only targets the Android platform.
The backend services are developed with Ruby and Scala.

Bruno and his colleague using the Police uniform for a celebration in Brazil