Rapid Prototyping with GatsbyJS

by Bruno Paulino

What if you want to put together a website with the most modern web tech out there?

Getting this whole thing right is hard...

even worst, what if you are a beginner?

Static Site Generators come to the rescue

What is Gatsby

  1. Static site generator based on React.
  2. Just React components.
  3. So, hooks are still there.
  4. All the benefits of server-side rendering like SEO.
  5. Hability to plug external datasources like a headless CMS.

Our Little Experiment

Why we decided on Gatsby

Batteries Included

  1. dev and production configuration out-of-the-box
  2. Convention over configuration.


Rich and flexible plugin ecosystem


Click here to take a look

Time for a live demo

You can find the source-code of this demo here.

What is next?

Evaluating our shop frontend migration to static pages using Gatsby

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